Cavity Wall Extraction

Cavity Wall Extraction

I believe that currently there are over 3 million homes that have been identified along the West coast of the UK .1 that suffer from damp, mould and other related issues relating solely to blocked or impaired cavities which, are caused by existing debris from the existing build or remedial work afterwards or incorrectly placed insulation material either by incompetent, non-accredited installers or unscrupulous companies taking advantage of the previous lack of technical monitoring. This has been noted within the ‘Each Home Counts’ report produced by request of The Government by Dr Peter Bonfield and will further feature in the New PAS2030(2017).


Reinstate the cavities back to where they should have been before any insulation was introduced at the same time inspect wall ties and any other obstructions within the cavity wall void.

This means clearing the cavity of debris and, other materials that should not be there that could contribute the failure of the property.

Extraction Companies who wish to embark on the Cavity Clearance Scheme will need to be certified by Stroma who are a leading UKAS Certification Body, they will ensure that the quality management system is robust enough.

Furthermore, all technicians will need to be OSCAR approved which, a on site assessment will determine the technician’s competence to meet with the requirements of the Stroma Scheme.

If you would like to locate a OSCAR Approved Cavity Wall Extraction company, please click here.

Cavity Wall Extraction